Utilizing Angled Ceilings with IKEA Pax System: A Hack by @alexanderreneedesign

@alexanderreneedesign proves this wrong by showing how easy it is to retrofit these cabinets into spaces with angled ceilings. With careful measurements and precise cuts, you can create a storage solution that maximizes your space and fits perfectly into your room IKEA Pax System.

Materials Required

For this project, you will need:

  • IKEA Pax system
  • Digital angle finder
  • Speed square
  • Blue tape
  • Saw

The Retrofitting Process

STEP 1: Measure the Angle

Using a digital angle finder, measure where your angle starts on the ceiling.

STEP 2: Mark the Angle

With the measurements, mark off the angle on your IKEA Pax using a speed square.

STEP 3: Tape and Cut

Apply blue tape to the area you will cut. This will ensure cleaner cuts and prevent fraying. Cut along the marked lines to create the angle on your Pax unit.

STEP 4: Installation

Once all the units are cut and ready, proceed with the installation of your IKEA Pax system as per the instructions.

IKEA Pax Conclusion

With this innovative approach, @alexanderreneedesign has demonstrated how to efficiently use the IKEA Pax, even in rooms with angled ceilings. This hack maximizes storage space and adds a custom feel to the room. Don’t let architectural features limit your design options – with a little creativity, you can make anything work!

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