Trim Calculator

Installing trim and molding is an important finishing touch in any home renovation or remodeling project. But it can be tricky to estimate how much material you need. A trim and molding calculator makes it easy!

Trim Calculator

Why Use a Trim and Molding Calculator?

Get Accurate Material Estimates

  • Avoids Under or Over Buying: A calculator gives you precise lineal footage needed for baseboards, casings, crown, chair rail, and more.

Calculate for Each Room

  • Per Room Estimates: Input room dimensions to get total molding footage per room. Add up for whole house totals.

Account for Windows and Doors

  • Factors in Openings: Enter the number of windows/doors to account for additional casing footage.

How to Use a Trim and Molding Calculator

Follow these simple steps:

  • Enter Room Size: Input length and width of each room.
  • Select Molding Types: Choose baseboard, door/window casing, crown, etc.
  • Add Openings: Input number of doors and windows if needed.
  • Get Lineal Footage: Calculator provides total linear molding footage required.
  • Buy Materials: Use the totals to purchase exactly what you need for the project.


Using an online trim and molding calculator simplifies the process of estimating materials for your renovations. Get the perfect molding amounts for each room without overbuying or making extra trips to the store. Just enter your dimensions and let the calculator do the work!