Transform Your Kitchen Storage with this IKEA Hack

That’s precisely what @decorista_93 did when she transformed her kitchen storage with a clever IKEA hack. By repurposing the IKEA Gersby bookcase and incorporating appliance rollers, she has created additional, flexible storage space in her kitchen.

Reimagine Your Kitchen Storage

Resourcefulness and thinking outside the box can lead to unexpected and exciting solutions. This clever #ikeahack is a testament to just that! The beauty of this idea lies in its simplicity and ingenuity: taking a simple bookcase and turning it into a movable storage unit for the kitchen.

How the Gersby Bookcase Became Kitchen Storage

If you’ve ever encountered the Gersby bookcase in IKEA, you’ll know it as a sturdy, affordable option for book storage. @decorista_93 saw something more. She envisioned a versatile piece of furniture that could be easily moved around her kitchen, offering flexible storage for cookware, utensils, and more.

She added appliance rollers to the bottom of the Gersby bookcase to bring this idea to life. This made the unit easy to move around the kitchen, allowing her to adjust its position according to her needs.

The result? A versatile, movable kitchen storage unit brings her space a whole new level of functionality.

The Benefits of this IKEA Hack

This IKEA hack offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it increases kitchen storage without needing expensive remodeling or extra cupboards. Secondly, it’s an affordable solution, using a low-cost IKEA bookcase and inexpensive appliance rollers.

But perhaps the most appealing benefit is the versatility it offers. Because the unit is on rollers, it can be moved around the kitchen as needed. This is particularly useful in smaller kitchens, where space is at a premium and flexibility is essential.


This IKEA hack Kitchen Storage stands out in the spirit of reimagining spaces and creating custom solutions. It demonstrates how a little creativity can turn a simple piece of furniture into a versatile, functional element in your kitchen.

For more inventive design ideas and inspiration, check out the @decorista_93 page. The creativity on display will surely spark your next brilliant home improvement project.

Remember, it’s all about using what you’ve got and thinking outside the box. Happy hacking!

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