Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Introducing the Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week – October 15th Edition. Cast your vote for your favorite hack in just 3 seconds at the bottom of the page.

#1 – IKEA Blanda Table Hack

Why we like it: A piece of stashed leftover wood was brilliantly paired with the BLANDA MATT bowls, inspired by a captivating furniture design from Anthropology.

The blend of IKEA’s simplicity with the charm of a reclaimed wooden top is both inventive and stylish. A+ for creativity.

#2 – IKEA Mirror Hack

Why we like it: How gorgeous is this arched mirror? We’re loving all the creative IKEA mirror hacks out there, but this one is truly unique!

And the LED lights tracing the arch take it to a whole new, cozy level. It puts such a unique spin on a basic IKEA mirror. Major inspiration for anyone looking to add some sophistication to a space without breaking the bank.

Remember to be extremely careful when working with glass!

#3 – IKEA Pax Hack

Why we like it: This clever IKEA PAX hack discreetly incorporates a TV into the bedroom. Concealing it behind chic wood panels allows viewing when desired while hidden when not in use.

The result seamlessly blends function and style, creating a decorative focal point. Swapping a coat pole for this dual-purpose solution is ingenious. It’s an ideal balance of utility and aesthetics.

#4 – Three IKEA Hacks

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Why we like it: These IKEA transformations are next level!

The PAX with that reeded moulding and deep Cardroom green is so sophisticated.

We love how the KALLAX is built-in with those sleek castors and the bold Lamp Black hue.

But the IVAR, boxed in with ply and adorned with arches in Inchyra blue, is just pure artistry.

Such a talent for breathing new life into familiar pieces! Each one has its own charm. Well done!

#5 – IKEA Ivar Hack

Why we like it: The customized IKEA IVAR cabinets showcase brilliant design details.

The unexpected “Safari” wallpaper inside adds a fun, visual twist. Wallpaper on the interior elevates the cabinets and creates an element of delightful surprise.

Paired with the muted rosa mit braun exterior, it strikes a balance of elegance and adventure. Great work!


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Why we like it: We’re impressed by this IKEA PAX transformation! Achieving a built-in wardrobe look elevates any room, and it’s evident that a lot of thought went into the process.

Given the uneven walls and floors, the decision to build a platform for leveling is smart. Reusing the dining room skirting for a seamless match with the room’s existing design demonstrates attention to detail.

Looking forward to the final reveal!

Thank you for taking the time to explore this week’s Top 5 IKEA hacks with us. We sincerely hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and provided you with valuable inspiration.

– Mike & Nicole