Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

It’s time to present the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week—September 24th edition.

#1 – IKEA Cabinet Upcycle

Why we like it: Looking to elevate a simple piece of IKEA furniture? After applying a coat of gray enamel paint, and adding bronze hardware and pine screen trim molding, the look of this old IKEA cabinet completely changed. It’s a testament to the idea that even basic furniture can be given a designer touch with some thoughtful tweaks. The result? A piece that stands out and adds character to any space.

#2 – IKEA Kura Bed Hack

Why we like it: Taking that Kura bed and transforming it into a cabin-style bunk with an integrated bookcase and side railing? Now, that’s thinking outside the box. We’re all about maximizing space and functionality, and this design does just that. It’s more than just a bed; it’s a cozy nook for reading, a safe haven for sleeping, and a smart storage solution. Talk about putting a personal spin on a classic piece!

#3 – IKEA Malm Hack

Why we like it: We love this straightforward hack. With an affordable Klejs rug, it seamlessly fits the Malm model drawers from Ikea. For painting, a light sanding is enough. Using chalk paint eliminates the need for a primer. Consider a wax finish for durability and aesthetics if the piece gets heavy use. It’s a testament to how minimal investment can bring about impactful change.

#4 – IKEA Ivar Hack

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Why we like it: We really are impressed with this IKEA Ivar hack. The built-in look, complemented by the arches, gives it a neat and integrated feel. The arches add a distinct design element, making the piece blend more naturally with the room. This approach turns the Ivar from a simple shelving unit into a more cohesive part of the room’s architecture.

#5 – IKEA Havsta Hack

Why we like it: Harnessing the charm of Ikea with a touch of bespoke craftsmanship created a TV unit that both our wallets and aesthetics adore. Using the Havsta base units and cabinets was a clever move. But that touch of @frenchicpaint in Wedding Cake truly brought it all together. Bringing in a local carpenter to add those finishing touches, like the tongue and groove paneling, just elevated the entire piece. With the entire project costing around £1,100, the savvy blend of off-the-shelf and custom work saved a pretty penny. Sometimes, it’s all about seeing potential and blending it with a bit of vision.

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