Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

It’s time to present the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week. September 17th edition.

#1 – IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

Why we like it:ย This Billy Hack is a clever way to hide tech clutter. It turns the back wall of a Billy closet into a secret tech hub, keeping the room looking neat while still functional. The extra sockets and tidy cables are a nice bonus, showing a real understanding of today’s needs. It’s a great blend of creativity and practicality that deserves a second glance. Well done!

#2 – The IKEA Gladom Mosaic Table Hack

Why we like it:ย We’re big fans of this IKEA hack where the ‘gladom’ metal side table meets mosaic tiles. It’s not just the sweet and pretty outcome that we love, but the thoughtful process of arranging each tile to personal satisfaction. It showcases that a simple piece of furniture can become a canvas for personal expression with a bit of creativity and patience.

#3 – The IKEA Moppe Hack

Why we like it:ย This creator took their MOPPE chest of drawers and gave it a fresh lease of life. The vibrant green hue paired with new handles has not only revitalized the piece but infused it with personality. It’s a great example of simple, yet effective, tweaks. Nice work!

#4 – Functional Home Upgrades

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Why we like it:ย This reel features 5 IKEA hacks by a couple who revamped their living areas. They made a custom walk-in robe with Pax and a stylish Besta TV cabinet, demonstrating great taste and practicality. Using the Billy Bookshelf and Pax for different storage solutions, including a concealed bar fridge, shows their inventive and functional take on home upgrades. Great job!

#5 – IKEA Nightstand Hack

Why we like it:ย Some people like to angle the legs of their furniture pieces to achieve a modern look. Adding texture doesn’t have to be expensive; with just $1.36, they brought a new dimension to these nightstands. It’s an affordable way to get a chic, updated look. Looks amazing!

Kudos to all the clever creators who showcased their ingenious IKEA hacks this past week! It’s inspiring to see the imagination and skill that goes into transforming basic IKEA items into customized, functional pieces. Thanks for fueling our creativity and motivating us to try out new projects and breathe new life into our spaces. Keep up the fantastic work!

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