Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Discover this week’s top IKEA hacks: Space-saving Råskog & Jäll, designer SNUDDA & GRADVIS table, stylish Trofast desk, Metod cabinet makeover, and a Kallax storage bench.

Welcome to the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week – March 24th Edition

Okay, let’s dive in!

1. IKEA Råskog and Jäll Hack: Space-Saving Solution

This is a smart IKEA hack that addresses the common problem of limited space for ironing. By combining the Råskog serving cart and the Jäll small ironing board, they’ve created a compact and convenient setup that fits perfectly in a smaller space.

2. IKEA SNUDDA and GRADVIS Hack: Designer-Inspired Side Table

Create a stunning side table inspired by a designer original, all while saving a whopping 90% on the cost. This budget-friendly project combines the SNUDDA lazy Susan, GRADVIS vase, and a few simple materials to achieve a high-end look.

The SNUDDA lazy Susan serves as the base for this hack, providing a stable and rotating foundation for the side table.

The GRADVIS vase’s sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic complement the overall look, creating a cohesive and stylish piece.

3. IKEA Trofast Hack: Stylish Corner Desk

This IKEA hack wins us over with its smart use of Trofast units to craft a kid’s corner desk that’s not just spacious but also brimming with storage.

The blend of practical design and a personal touch, from the custom-cut pine boards to the cleverly integrated drawing roll, makes it a standout solution for organizing and inspiring creativity in a kids room.

4. IKEA Metod Cabinet Hack: Secondhand to Stunning with Custom Overlay

@homefluffyhome has shared an incredible IKEA hack that demonstrates the power of creativity and DIY skills in transforming a secondhand Metod cabinet into a breathtaking piece of furniture.

By creating a custom overlay, @homefluffyhome has given the Metod cabinet a completely new look and feel. The overlay, which appears to be intricately designed and crafted with precision, adds depth, texture, and visual interest to the once plain cabinet. The result is a piece of furniture that looks like it belongs in a high-end design magazine.

5. IKEA Kallax Hack: Budget-Friendly Utility Storage Bench

Check out this stunning and practical utility storage bench using the IKEA Kallax unit. The description shares a step-by-step guide that will help you transform your Kallax into a beautiful and functional piece for your home. Lookks great!

Thank you for joining us in exploring this week’s Top 5 IKEA hacks. We hope these ideas have ignited your creativity and offered valuable inspiration for your own DIY projects.

– Mike & Nicole

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