Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Explore our latest IKEA Hacks: Transforming Pax wardrobes, sock organizers, wardrobe builds, and a chair makeover.

Welcome to the Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week – December 10th Edition – Powered this week by Studio Fedde

Let’s dive in!

1. IKEA Malm Hack

Why we like it: We love the clever use of Malm units and floating shelves, which create a built-in look. The design simplifies the process, avoiding the need for extra construction.

It’s the transformation of simple IKEA pieces into something that feels custom-made and integrated into the home that stands out.

This project showcases how thoughtful planning and some work can lead to a stylish and functional addition to any space.

2. IKEA Variera Sock Hack

Why we like it: This IKEA hack using the VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser as a sock organizer is a genius.

This clever use of the dispenser keeps socks neatly arranged and easily accessible. What a simple yet effective idea!

3. IKEA Trofast Hack

Why we like it: This neat, practical solution turns a Trofast wall unit into a gaming station using leftover wall panels.

We love how it’s functional and adds a personal touch to the space. It’s a great example of how creativity can transform a simple piece into a cool spot for your home.


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4. IKEA Pax Hack

Why we like it: This IKEA Pax wardrobe hack is a practical and stylish solution with its stepped-back feature.

The final look, matching the room’s decor, is well-coordinated and looks great.

Using standard height Pax wardrobes in oak finish, tailored to the room’s ceiling height, shows thoughtful space consideration. Well done!

5. IKEA Östanö Chair Hack

Why we like it: This IKEA hack transforms the Östanö chair into a stunning piece of furniture with a wood effect, and it’s both budget-friendly and stylish.

The final result gives the chair a more neutral and sophisticated design.

The decision to upholster and quilt the six chairs further enhances their appeal, combining comfort with a luxurious feel. It’s another great example of how a little creativity and effort can significantly elevate an affordable IKEA item.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this week’s Top 5 IKEA hacks with us. We sincerely hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and provided you with valuable inspiration.- Mike & Nicole