Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Alright, design enthusiasts! It’s time to present the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week.

Let’s dive in!

#1 – IKEA Kallax DIY Workbench

Why we like it: We’ve always been fans of functional design with a touch of flair, and this DIY workbench transformation does just that. By merging two Kallax units, @theflippedpiece laid down a foundation for practicality. But what truly stands out is how she topped it with MDF, and added a custom base. And that herringbone frame? A nod to timeless craftsmanship. The sealed finish promises longevity, and the hooks are a smart touch. This project beautifully exemplifies blending simplicity with innovation. Well done!

#2 – IKEA Wave

Why we like it: Here’s a DIY decorating hack for wave furniture! The Gustaf Westman-inspired look takes a common IKEA piece and elevates it to something truly special. The prep work shows attention to detail, ensuring a smooth finish. And that pastel pink paint looks great! The end result is a gorgeous matte finish that turns a standard piece into a statement.

#3 – IKEA Trofast and Skadis Play Area

Why we like it: We love this playful refresh of a Trofast-centered play area. The once bare wall behind the shelves felt a touch too plain until the Skadis board was introduced. What we admire most? The creative decision to deviate from the traditional all-white Skadis, opting for a vibrant spray-painted look. Rather than going the expected route and attaching the board directly to the Trofast, the innovator chose a wall mount, ensuring unhindered access for sensory play. The result is both practical and visually stunning!

#4 – IKEA Service Cart

Why we like it: We’re truly impressed with this innovative take on the IKEA dressing table turned service cart! The choice to echo the outdoor palette of green, white, and blue harmonizes perfectly with summer vibes. It’s the blend of function and fresh style that captures our admiration. This makeover proves that old pieces can shine anew with a little creativity.

#5 – IKEA Hack Malm Dressers

Why we like it: We’ve got to hand it to this clever bedroom update! Taking two IKEA Malm dressers and adding a wooden top is smart. The choice of a matte varnish on the wooden top gives it a refined touch while keeping its natural charm. The fact that it’s set without adhesive yet stays put is a testament to the practical design. An impressive transformation that showcases the power of simple tweaks!

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