Create a Stunning Rotating Kids Bookcase with Three IKEA SNUDDA

Have you ever wondered how to spark your little one’s imagination, cultivate their love for stories, and organize their favorite books, all in one go? Well, we’ve found the answer right in the heart of our favorite store, IKEA, with IKEA Snudda. Today, we’re going to share a fabulous DIY project with you that turns … Read more

Creating the Perfect Montessori Bookshelf for Your Child

The Montessori approach to education is widely recognized for its emphasis on independence and self-directed learning. One important element of a Montessori learning environment is a well-curated bookshelf that encourages a love for reading and supports a child’s individual interests and abilities. Understanding the Montessori Approach Before delving into the importance of a Montessori bookshelf, … Read more

IKEA Hack Kids Drawing Table: A Guide by

Created by, this IKEA Hack Kids table is perfect for encouraging creativity and is easy to assemble and use. View this post on Instagram A post shared by DIY – IKEA Hack (@ikeahack) Materials Required To create this IKEA hack kids drawing table, you’ll need: IKEA Flisat table NEREBY pole (IKEA) MÅLA drawing paper … Read more