Create a Stunning Rotating Kids Bookcase with Three IKEA SNUDDA

Have you ever wondered how to spark your little one’s imagination, cultivate their love for stories, and organize their favorite books, all in one go? Well, we’ve found the answer right in the heart of our favorite store, IKEA, with IKEA Snudda.

Today, we’re going to share a fabulous DIY project with you that turns three simple SNUDDA (also known as Lazy Susan) into a unique, creative, and absolutely magical rotating kids bookcase.

This bookcase isn’t just functional—it spins stories in more ways than one! We’re excited to bring a touch of enchantment to your child’s reading nook and cannot wait to guide you through each step. So grab your toolbox, and let’s get started!

We owe a big hat tip to our creative friend @project_34_selfbuild for the original inspiration behind this project. She ingeniously used three IKEA SNUDDA, affectionately known as Lazy Susans, to create a dazzling rotating kids bookcase.

We’re here to echo her brilliance but add our own spin on it!

There’s a world of ways to bring this charming project to life, and we want to underscore just how splendid a job @project_34_selfbuild did.

Our goal, friends, is to gift you a treasure trove of strategies and DIY skills to ponder over. These aren’t just handy for our little rotating bookcase, but a broad canvas of DIY projects waiting for your personal touch.

Remember, part of the joy of creating is discovering your unique style, drawing from your resources, and aligning with your abilities. This journey enhances your DIY experience, helping you create personalized, functional marvels.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, dived into this thrilling project, and fished out a handful of tips to aid your creative endeavor.

Don’t fret about being swamped with minutiae—we know that part of the joy of DIY is embracing challenges and learning on the fly. Let’s jump in, shall we?


Taking the time to measure and mark accurately before proceeding with any project is crucial. By carefully marking the location of the disc on the top side, you can ensure that when drilling from above, you will not inadvertently damage the underlying disc.

We made our markings 2 inches in from the outer edges of the Snudda.


Precise cutting of the cross pieces from 3/4-inch plywood is crucial for a successful project; this entails creating two pieces (14.5″ x 10″) and four short pieces (6 7/8″ x 10″). Meticulous measurements and markings lead to a well-constructed and durable tiered spinning bookcase. To achieve the desired accuracy, employ a skill saw with a straight edge or a table saw for cutting the cross pieces, ensuring a professional finish for your bookcase. Please remember to be safe and only use equipment that you are comfortable with.


As you noticed, you must incorporate bookends on the bookcase shelves to ensure the books remain in place. These bookends can be glued on as a final step and can be positioned in a way to hide the screws. A clever and aesthetically pleasing solution is repurposing the wooden mini discs you initially removed from the Snudda, which were not required for the project. You can create perfectly fitting bookends that complement the overall design by cutting each disc into four sections.

Eight perfectly cut bookends.


Crafting professional-looking cross joints requires patience and attention to detail. Visual demonstrations are the most effective ways to learn this technique. To help you gain a better understanding and improve your skills, I have prepared two short videos for you. These videos showcase techniques that elevate your craftsmanship and ensure your cross joints appear polished and well-executed. Take the time to watch and learn from these demonstrations, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of creating impeccable cross joints.


There are a few ways you can put all the tiers together. However, let me share the steps I took.

  • Place the cross where you want it on the Snudda and mark its position.
  • Measure and mark 2 inches in from the edge for drilling points.
  • Drill through the Snudda from the top at the marked points.
  • Flip the assembly over and align the cross piece with the markings, then drill through the pre-drilled holes into the cross piece.
  • Disassemble the structure, remove the tape, and apply wood glue.
  • Insert 1.5-inch #8 screws into the spinning disc.
  • Flip the assembly and align the screws with the holes in the crosspiece, then tighten them.
  • Do this for each tier in the bookcase
  • Clean up any excess glue with a damp rag and a small spackle tool.


I strongly recommend that you prioritize safety in any DIY project you undertake. Always wear protective equipment, use appropriate tools, and follow the instructions carefully. By focusing on safety, you can ensure that your  IKEA Snudda DIY project is completed without incident and that you can enjoy the results of your hard work with peace of mind.

Skål! (Cheers!)


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