Kallax Transformation: Creating a Fluted Look with Bamboo Bathroom Mats

Here, we will explore how @diybydeebs transformed a Kallax shelf into an aesthetic and unique piece using bamboo bathroom mats. The result is a beautiful fluted look that adds character and style to any room.

Materials Required

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • IKEA Kallax shelf
  • Bamboo bathroom mats
  • Wood filler
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Topcoat

The Makeover Process

STEP 1: Removing the Old Doors

Begin by removing the old doors from your Kallax shelf.

STEP 2: Creating New Door Fronts

The next step involves creating new fluted door fronts. This is where the bamboo bathroom mats come into play. These mats will be used to create the fluted look on the door fronts.

STEP 3: Adding the Fluting Material

Attach the bamboo bathroom mats to the door fronts. Ensure they are secure and evenly placed to create a symmetrical fluted pattern.

STEP 4: Filling and Sanding

Use wood filler to fill in any seams and hammer in any protruding nails. Once the wood filler has dried, sand the doors to ensure a smooth surface. This step is crucial to achieve a neat and professional-looking finish.

STEP 5: Painting

Paint the doors in the color of your choice. This will bring out the texture of the fluting and allow the unique design to shine through.

STEP 6: Adding the Topcoat

Once the paint has dried, add a topcoat. This will seal the paint and provide a protective layer to your newly crafted doors.

STEP 7: Final Reveal

Attach the new fluted doors to your Kallax shelf and stage it in your preferred location. Stand back and admire your newly transformed Kallax shelf!


You can transform an IKEA Kallax shelf into a unique piece of furniture through simple materials like bamboo bathroom mats and a little creativity. This Kallax hack by @diybydeebs demonstrates how easy and fun it can be to bring your personal touch to your home decor.

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