Impressive IKEA Hemnes Drawer Upcycle

She skillfully incorporated an elegant arch design, natural rattan lining, and classy brass T-bar handles to create a fresh and appealing IKEA Hemnes Drawer look.

Materials Required for IKEA Hemnes Drawer Upcycle

For this DIY project, you’ll need:

  • IKEA Hemnes drawer
  • Jigsaw
  • Molding glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer and paint
  • Natural rattan
  • Staple gun
  • Brass T-bar handles
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill

Steps to Follow

  1. Design Cut-outs: Sketch out the cut-out sections on the drawers, including an arch design in the middle.
  2. Cut Out Sections: Using a jigsaw carefully cut out the sketched sections.
  3. Glue in Moulding: Apply molding glue to secure the cut-out sections.
  4. Fill Gaps and Sand: Fill any gaps with wood filler and sand the surface for a smooth finish.
  5. Prime and Paint: Apply primer to the entire drawer, then paint it your desired color. @diydoctorat49 chose a vibrant green for this project.
  6. Staple Down Rattan: Cut the natural rattan to fit the cut-outs and staple it down securely.
  7. Attach Handles: Measure and mark where the handles will go. Make a template to ensure accurate drilling, then drill holes and screw in your brass T-bar handles.

Pro Tip

To achieve the cleanest cut-outs with a jigsaw, start by drilling a hole in the area to be removed. This will provide a starting point for the jigsaw blade and make the process smoother. Always remember to use safety equipment when working with power tools.


This Impressive IKEA Hemnes Drawer is upcycled a testament to the power of a little creativity and some DIY skills. By adding a few design elements and changing the color, @diydoctorat49 transformed a simple drawer into an aesthetically pleasing and functional piece of furniture. With skillful craftsmanship and a keen eye for design, it creates a unique and stylish piece that stands out effortlessly.

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