8 IKEA TV Stand Hacks: Infusing a Modern Entertainment Vibe

When searching for practical and straightforward furniture solutions, many turn to IKEA for its wide variety of offerings. Among them, IKEA’s TV stands and entertainment centers stand out for their design and functionality.

In this post, we’ll focus on three specific IKEA series: Besta, Havsta, and Kallax. Each series offers different features, fitting various preferences and needs.

As we delve into the details and benefits of these TV stands and entertainment center options, we will also highlight some IKEA hacks that have piqued our interest, sharing the reasons for our appreciation.

Transforming the Kallax Shelf into a DIY TV Stand

For those on the hunt for an efficient and wallet-friendly DIY TV stand solution, IKEA’s Kallax shelf might just be your answer.

By attaching legs or casters to the cube shelving unit’s base, you can effortlessly elevate your television to the desired height.

Beyond its primary function, the Kallax’s cubic compartments serve as convenient storage spaces for items like gaming consoles and assorted media accessories.

To further personalize this hack, consider giving the Kallax unit a fresh coat of paint or stain to align with your decor preferences.

Why we like it: We love this take on the IKEA KALLAX! Turning it into a sleek TV unit with just some paint and crafted doors showcases creativity. The choice of ‘cool beans’ paint gives it an elegant finish, and the pine strips and MDF doors lend a touch of bespoke design. For those seeking innovative transformations, Kayleigh’s creations are definitely worth a glance.

Why we like it: Navigating the restrictions of renting can often lead to some creative solutions. Case in point: the decision against wall-mounting the TV. Instead of seeing it as a limitation, it became an opportunity to embrace the Kallax TV unit from IKEA. It’s a prime example of functionality meeting style while keeping that all-important deposit in mind. Smart moves like this can make a rented space feel like home.

IKEA Besta: A Versatile Choice for Customized Entertainment Centers

The IKEA Besta line is not only renowned for its versatility but also its affordability and durability. The Besta TV Bench, as a standalone option, brings to your living room a minimalistic yet functional approach to organize and present your entertainment gear.

Its enclosed storage feature ensures that all the accompanying gadgets, from DVD players to gaming consoles, are organized, reducing visual clutter and giving your living space a neat look. Additionally, selecting from various finishes ensures that it seamlessly fits into your decor, making it a chic and practical choice for modern homes.

For those who don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution, the Besta range’s modular design comes to the rescue. It allows homeowners to create a bespoke entertainment center tailored to their exact requirements.

Whether you have a massive media collection or prefer an open-shelf design to showcase your book collection or decorative items, the Besta series can cater to all.

Its ability to mix and match components like drawers, shelves, and doors gives users the freedom to design an entertainment center that’s both unique and functional.

Why we like it: We’re all for elevating IKEA basics, and this Besta hack nails it. The Besta TV bench transforms with added decorative reeded molding and a custom MDF top. The satin furniture paint gives it a modern touch. What stands out is the detailed craftsmanship — from the soft-close hinges to the curved edge design. It’s a brilliant way to achieve a custom look without the hefty price tag.

Why we like it: Using two cabinets and an Ekbacken marble-effect kitchen worktop, the outcome is a refined, floating TV Unit that feels both modern and timeless. It’s amazing how everyday items can be reimagined into custom pieces with just a bit of creativity.

Why we like it: Taking the Besta cabinets and elevating them with cane detailing, elegant frames, stylish knobs, and a touch of marble truly made a difference.

Why we like it: We’re always on the lookout for subtle changes that make a big impact, and this one does the trick. Taking the existing IKEA Besta TV Unit and introducing woven drawer fronts is genius. It not only updates the piece but infuses the Theatre Room with a cozy warmth. Simple adjustments like this can truly redefine a space.

The IKEA Havsta: A Stylish and Affordable Built-In Entertainment Solution

The IKEA Havsta series is a brilliant option for those seeking a sophisticated and functional TV cabinet and entertainment center solution.

Characterized by its sturdy build and classic design, Havsta effortlessly blends into a variety of home decor styles, offering both storage and style.

Why we like it: The Havsta TV storage combination from IKEA boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into contemporary spaces. Its minimalist design not only offers efficient storage but also serves as a subtle focal point in a living area.

Why we like it: Using an IKEA base, this media unit has been upgraded with tongue and groove paneling, a subtle cornice, and a wooden top. The design not only looks cohesive but also offers versatility. The shelves provide space for seasonal decor changes, and it’s satisfying to use existing pieces to achieve the final look. A practical and stylish transformation.


With these budget-friendly IKEA hacks, you can build the TV stand or entertainment center of your dreams. Show off your style, storage solutions and DIY skills in your living room. We hope we were able to provide you with inspiration and practical insights to elevate your entertainment area.

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