IKEA Shoe Cabinet Makeover – A DIY Project

Recently, a DIY enthusiast, @do.it.yourself.mum, shared her remarkable transformation of an old IKEA shoe cabinet. This blog post will guide you through her process, step by step.

Preparation is the Key

Before diving into the transformation, it’s crucial to prepare the piece of furniture for the makeover. Start by cleaning the entire cabinet to ensure there’s no dust or grime. After that, it’s time to sand. Using 120-grit sandpaper, sand the whole cabinet. This process will help the paint adhere better to the surface, ensuring a smooth and lasting finish.

Dismantling the Cabinet

In this case, @do.it.yourself.mum removed the top of the shoe cabinet. This step is crucial if you plan to replace the top with a different material or style, just like she did.

Painting the Cabinet

Once the preparation phase is complete, it’s time to paint. For this project, @do.it.yourself.mum chose a color named “Blackjack.” This shade adds a modern and stylish touch to the cabinet. When painting, ensure that you apply the paint evenly and cover all areas.

Replacing the Top

One of this transformation’s standout features is replacing the cabinet’s top. Our DIY expert cut some scaffolding boards, sanded them, and attached them to the top using brackets. This addition brought a rustic touch to the shoe cabinet, contrasting nicely with the dark paint.

Adding New Hardware

The addition of new hardware can significantly enhance the overall look of any piece of furniture. For this shoe cabinet, new and stylish hardware was added, contributing to its modern and chic appearance.

Sealing the Paint

To ensure the paint’s longevity and to give the cabinet a polished look, @do.it.yourself.mum sealed the paint with clear wax. This step protects the paint and adds a subtle sheen to the cabinet, elevating its overall look.

The Finished Result

The result of this makeover is a stylish and modern shoe cabinet that’s far from its original, plain look. This transformation is proof of how a few simple changes can drastically alter a piece of furniture, turning it into something unique and stylish.

Remember, the beauty of DIY projects lies in their adaptability. Feel free to use this transformation as a guide and put your twist on it. Happy DIY-ing!