IKEA Pax System Drawers Upgrade: A Custom Closet Remodel

@alexanderreneedesign tackled this challenge in her closet remodel by creatively upgrading the IKEA Pax drawers. She added custom drawer fronts, decorated with overlays from @MyOverlays, and finished with pulls from @amerockhardware. The result? A personalized closet that stylishly caters to her needs.

Materials Required

To implement this IKEA Pax upgrade, you’ll need:

  • IKEA Pax system drawers
  • Custom drawer fronts
  • Overlays from @MyOverlays
  • Adhesive spray
  • Paint (matching the color of your closet)
  • Pulls from @amerockhardware

With these materials at hand, let’s delve into the steps of this IKEA Pax transformation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Customizing Your IKEA Pax Drawers

STEP 1: Install the Drawers

Start by installing the IKEA Pax system drawers in your closet. This process is typically straightforward, thanks to IKEA’s user-friendly designs.

STEP 2: Add Basic Drawer Fronts

Once all the drawers are installed, add basic drawer fronts to each. These fronts will serve as the canvas for your customizations.

STEP 3: Apply the Overlays

Next, use adhesive spray to attach the overlays from @MyOverlays to the drawer fronts. These overlays add a unique texture and design element to the otherwise plain fronts.

STEP 4: Paint the Overlays

To create a cohesive look, paint the overlays the same color as the rest of the closet. Using a paint sprayer can ensure an even application and professional finish.

STEP 5: Install the Hardware

Lastly, attach the pulls from @amerockhardware to the drawer fronts. These pulls not only enhance functionality but also add a final touch of style to your drawers.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully upgraded your IKEA Pax system drawers! This simple yet effective hack demonstrates how a little creativity can turn standard items into bespoke features that reflect your personal style. Remember, the beauty of DIY lies in customization, so don’t hesitate to adjust these steps to fit your vision. Happy crafting!