Top 7 IKEA hacks for your children’s room

With a touch of creativity and a few simple tricks, standard IKEA furniture and products can be transformed, repurposed, or embellished to suit your unique style. Are you ready to personalize your space?

The children’s room is more than just a space; it’s a haven of discovery and growth where young minds learn, play, and explore the world around them. To foster optimal development and encourage a rich exploration of their interests, it is essential to tailor the nursery to suit your child’s needs. Let’s take a look at seven beautiful IKEA hacks and ideas curated just for you, and create a nursery that is as unique and special as your little one!

1) 2-in-1 play kitchen and play shop

Sometimes, it’s worth looking at things from a different perspective. Just turn the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen around. With a little foil and accessories, the small kitchen is transformed into a bistro. Cook in the front and serve in the back. Pretty clever!

2) The ultimate addition to the children’s kitchen?

The laundry room holds a special kind of fascination for children, who naturally love to emulate adults, even when it comes to household chores that are less than popular. With this in mind, we have crafted another ingenious IKEA hack for you: a child-friendly washing machine! As with all our hacks, the process is straightforward, promising immense fun for your little ones once complete. See the whole process here.

IKEA kids laundry room hack

3) IKEA LACK side table as XXL dice game for the whole family

The affordable and simple tables from the LACK series serve as an excellent foundation for creative hacks. With minimal effort, you can transform them into a delightful children’s table. All you need is a Limmaland decal, designed to fit these tables perfectly. Complement this with a matching cube and game pieces featuring adorable animal designs. This setup not only fosters creativity but also invites the whole family to gather around for a comfortable and fun dice game.

IKEA LACK side table hack

4) Learning to walk with the IKEA FLISAT stool

Did you know that IKEA can help your baby learn to walk? That’s right – all you have to do is stick felt glides under the stool legs, and you’re ready to go! Unlike a baby walker, your child can’t lean too far forward on it and has to keep both hands down to be able to rest them on the stool. This helps to prevent posture problems that can occur when using a baby walker.


To create a little more motivation to use the stool as an aid, you can decorate it with the cute Limmaland foil laminate. Olivia Otter, Filippa Fuchs, Hanno Hase, and Co. will surely make your mini love using the baby walker. In addition, the pasted stool fits wonderfully as a decorative object in the children’s room. This IKEA stool is a true all-around talent.

5) Build yourself a KURA cave

A personal retreat in the children’s room allows your child to have a space that is entirely their own. It’s a place to cuddle, read, listen to audiobooks, or admire cherished treasures. You can create the perfect hideaway using IKEA furniture, saving space while adding a touch of coziness to the room.

IKEA KURA loft bed

Little ones deserve a comfortable space in their bed to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures. We are huge proponents of the IKEA KURA loft bed, which offers the versatility to be set up as either a bunk bed or a low bed, adapting to your child’s preferences and needs. With our matching accessories, you can embellish and extend it perfectly.

Tip: You can use the IKEA KURA first as a low bed and later as a bunk bed!

6) The ultimate IKEA hack for summer

The mud kitchen is a fantastic source of outdoor fun for kids during the spring and summer seasons! Start your DIY mud kitchen with basic wooden or plastic boxes from IKEA. Here’s a tip: feel free to substitute the wooden boxes with beverage crates for a unique touch. Enhance the IKEA TROFAST boxes by adorning the lids with matching laminate stickers. Complete your mud kitchen by filling the boxes with water and sand, setting the stage for endless fun and creativity.


And the mud kitchen is ready to go! You can now fill the plastic boxes with sand and water. Add a few molds – and you can start playing!

7) Finally, an end to dangling legs

The IKEA ANTILOP highchair has many advantages, but one thing is missing: support for your child’s little legs. The Limmaland footrest is very easy to attach without tools and finally ends dangling legs.

IKEA ANTILOP highchair

The advantages of footrest for the IKEA ANTILOP highchair

  • Ergonomic: The footrest allows your child to maintain a correct posture on the highchair with hips, knees, and ankles at a 90-degree angle.
  • Easy: The Limmaland footrest is very easy to fit without tools and just as easy to clean.
  • Attentive: A correct posture supports your child’s ability to concentrate and ensures more attention while eating a relaxed meal.

Thank you for allowing me to share these delightful and creative ideas with you! We at Limmaland are constantly brimming with new and exciting ways to transform everyday IKEA products into something truly special for your little ones.

We encourage you to roll up your sleeves and dive into these DIY hacks; not only are they simple to execute, but they also promise to bring a unique touch of joy and functionality to your children’s spaces.

For a continuous stream of inspiration, don’t hesitate to check out our Instagram page: Limmaland on Instagram. We hope that we’ve sparked your imagination and that you’re eager to try out some new ideas.

Happy hacking!

Warm regards,
Jana at Limmaland

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