Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Discover 5 clever IKEA hacks: transform Besta into a bathroom vanity, create a kids’ desk with Trofast, make a terrace shade, hide cables with Kuggis, and craft unique lamps.

Welcome to the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week – June 30th Edition

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IKEA Besta Bathroom Vanity Hack

This IKEA Besta bathroom vanity hack is a total game-changer! We’re impressed by how it achieves a high-end, custom look without breaking the bank. By cleverly combining Besta units, drawers, and reeded fronts, you can create a bespoke built-in vanity that looks far more expensive than its modest price tag. The result is a sleek, modern bathroom centerpiece that maximizes storage and style.

Smart tip: Consider using furniture legs to elevate the unit for a more custom look. Also, apply a water-resistant sealant to protect the surfaces from moisture. This DIY project is perfect for those wanting to upgrade their bathroom on a budget.

IKEA Trofast Desk Hack for Kids

This clever IKEA Trofast desk hack is great for children’s rooms! We love how simple and budget-friendly it is. By combining two Trofast units, a wall shelf, and a large wooden board, you can create an adorable workspace that’s both functional and stylish. The beauty of this project lies in its versatility – customize the length to fit your space, and pick baskets that match your decor. Don’t forget to add some cute accessories to make it truly special!

Pro tip: Opt for a sturdy plywood like pine for the desktop to ensure durability. Also, secure the units and shelf to the wall for added safety. This setup grows with your child, offering plenty of storage for toys now and school supplies later. Ready to jump into this fun DIY? Your little one will be thrilled with their new study spot!

IKEA Fabric Terrace Shade Hack

This cool IKEA hack for terrace shading is a winner! We’re excited about how affordable and adaptable it is. Using sturdy IKEA fabric cut to fit between roof beams, you can create a custom shade solution that maximizes headroom. The key is sewing fabric panels with tunnels at each end for wooden rods, then hanging them on curtain rods attached to the beams. What’s great is you can remove individual panels as needed for flexible light control.

Smart tip: Choose a durable, washable fabric to withstand outdoor conditions. Also, consider using adjustable curtain rod brackets for easy installation and removal during winter. This DIY project is perfect for low roofs where traditional awnings won’t fit. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean – just toss the fabric in the wash!

IKEA Kuggis Cable Management Hack

IKEA’s Kuggis box transforms into a sleek cable hideaway in this brilliant hack! We love how it tackles the “cellulite of interiors” – those pesky wires we’d rather not see. By repurposing this simple storage box, you can neatly tuck away chargers, power strips, and excess cords, creating a clutter-free space that’s easy on the eyes. It’s a game-changer for keeping your desk or entertainment area looking tidy and polished.

Pro tip: Cut holes in the box for cord access, but be mindful of ventilation. Electronics can heat up, so ensure there’s enough airflow to prevent overheating. Consider adding small vent holes or leaving the lid slightly ajar for better air circulation. This hack is perfect for those who love a clean aesthetic but struggle with wire management.

IKEA Globe Light DIY Lamp Hacks

These IKEA globe light lamp hacks are lighting up our DIY world! From a side table with built-in illumination to a clever lamp shelf and a chic lantern floor lamp, these creations prove that anyone can craft unique lighting fixtures. The magic lies in using easy-to-work-with IKEA globe lights and festoon strands as the foundation for your designs.

Pro tip: When working with electrical components, always prioritize safety. Use proper wiring techniques and consider consulting an electrician if you’re unsure. Also, choose LED bulbs to keep your creations cool and energy-efficient. These projects are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home decor.

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Thank you for joining us in exploring this week’s Top 5 IKEA hacks. We hope these ideas have ignited your creativity and offered valuable inspiration for your own DIY projects.

– Mike & Nicole

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