Top 5 IKEA Hacks of the Week

Discover this week’s top IKEA hacks: Infinity Gladom table, stylish Eket laundry bin, chic Kallax bench, and revamped Pax closet wall.

Welcome to the top 5 IKEA hacks of the week – March 31st Edition

Okay, let’s dive in!

1. IKEA Gladom Table Hack

Check out this mind-bending IKEA Gladom table hack that creates a stunning infinity mirror effect. The magic behind this transformation lies in the clever placement of a mirror on the bottom, LED lights on the inside, and a glass top.

The addition of foil takes this illusion to the next level, resulting in a cool display that leaves us asking, “What kind of wizardry is this?”

2. IKEA Eket Cabinets Transformed into a Stylish Rolling Laundry Bin

This brilliant IKEA Eket hack combines two Eket cabinets and adds wheels to create a gorgeous and functional laundry bin. Say goodbye to unsightly laundry baskets and hello to a sleek and modern storage solution that seamlessly blends with your home decor.

What we love about this hack is its simplicity and practicality.

3. IKEA Kallax Transformed into a Stunning Built-In Bench

This IKEA Kallax hack transforms the versatile shelving unit into a beautiful built-in bench, perfect for your boot room or entryway. By cleverly utilizing the space under the stairs, this hack creates a seamless and functional storage solution that looks like it was always meant to be there.

What sets this Kallax bench apart are the gorgeous drawer fronts and pulls that add a touch of sophistication and character to the piece. The customizable nature of the Kallax system allows you to choose the perfect combination of shelves and drawers to suit your storage needs, while the sleek design ensures a clutter-free and inviting space.

4. IKEA Dresser Transformed with Decorative Drawer Fronts, Leather Pulls, and a Gorgeous Color

This jaw-dropping IKEA dresser makeover proves you can breathe new life into old furniture with a bit of creativity. By adding decorative drawer fronts featuring a beautiful design created using wood blocks, stylish leather pulls, and a stunning new color, this once-ordinary dresser has been transformed into a breathtaking statement piece that will elevate any bedroom or living space.

The beauty of this hack lies in the attention to detail. The intricate wood block design on the drawer fronts adds depth, texture, and character to the dresser, while the sleek leather pulls provide a touch of sophistication. Nicely done!

5. IKEA Pax Wardrobe Transformed into a Stunning Built-In Closet Wall

Check out this incredible bedroom transformation featuring a gorgeous new closet wall made from the classic IKEA Pax wardrobe system. By combining the reliable Pax frames with custom doors, side panels, and floor trim, this DIY project has resulted in a seamless, built-in look that is both functional and stylish.

Thank you for joining us in exploring this week’s Top 5 IKEA hacks. We hope these ideas have ignited your creativity and offered valuable inspiration for your own DIY projects.

– Mike & Nicole

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