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Welcome to our exciting roundup of the Top 25 IKEA Hacks of 2023! This year’s selection is all about celebrating the ingenious minds and skilled hands that have taken IKEA’s foundational designs to new heights of functionality and style.

Each hack on this list represents a blend of creativity, practicality, and a keen eye for design. These creators have not only repurposed and reinvented IKEA products but also provided us with a wealth of inspiration for our own home projects.

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or just starting, prepare to be amazed by these transformative IKEA Hacks of 2023, and congratulations to all the brilliant minds who have made this year’s list truly remarkable.

Please note, these Top 25 IKEA Hacks of 2023 are presented in no particular order. Let’s dive in!

1. Craft/Lego Table Hack

@thewhitethistle shared this amazing kids craft/lego table IKEA hack. She used the IKEA LACK table, TROFAST box and SUNNERSTA storage to create an organized and fun environment for her little one.

2. IKEA Snudda Kids Bookshelf Hack

@project_34_selfbuild shared an easy IKEA hack to store your kids’ books in a fun and creative way. She used three IKEA SNUDDA (aka Lazy Susan) to create this rotating kids bookcase. This design allows your little ones to easily organize their favorite books by spinning the shelves.

Learn how to create a stunning rotating kids bookcase with Three IKEA SNUDDA

3. IKEA Kallax Home Office Desk

@my_nordic_home_am_see shared her amazing IKEA hack home office desk! She used Kallax units as the foundation and topped it off with a beautiful birch wood surface. It’s the perfect mix of style and functionality.

4. IKEA Bedside Table Hack

@nannabodeval shared her creative IKEA hack – a floating bedside table made from the MOPPE Mini storage chest and the RÖDEBY Armrest tray. The addition of a touch of paint and gold pulls gave this piece a truly unique and stylish look.

5. IKEA Side Table Hack

@klk.interiors shared a clever IKEA side table hack, crafted with RÖDEBY armrests, a SNUDDA lazy Susan, and a NYPON plant pot. She stained the side table with @frenchicpaint browning wax. 

6. IKEA Stall Shoe Cabinet Hack

@mynorfolknest added fluted wood trim and gold pulls to her IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet. What do you think about the look of her new entryway?

7. IKEA Malm Drawer Hack

@anotherfknflat shared an amazing IKEA Malm Drawer Hack that transforms ordinary drawers into a stylish, budget-friendly addition to your home.

Jo & Ryan share the step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this stunning look.

8. IKEA Picture Frame Hack

@_creative.projects shared a creative and practical IKEA hack for a picture frame. You can create a beautiful and functional key holder with just three hooks and the IKEA “SANNAHED” frame. Another option is to add the hooks under the frame. That way, your keys won’t cover your cherished photo.

9. IKEA Gersby Roller Kitchen Storage Hack

@decorista_93 shared a clever IKEA hack that totally redefined her kitchen storage. By ingeniously repurposing the IKEA Gersby bookcase and incorporating appliance rollers, she has created additional, versatile storage in her kitchen.

10. IKEA Kallfront pendant Vase Hack

@melikeskids shared a brilliant way to repurpose the IKEA Kallfront pendant lampshade into a stunning vase. Such a simple and creative #ikeahack!

11. DIY Small Custom Bifold Closet Hack

@caaitlinbrooks shared her DIY small custom bifold closet build. Using a repurposed IKEA Malm dresser, she created a functional, organized space. Modifications included base and back enhancements, plus smart use of closet rods.

12. IKEA RAST Dresser Hack

@diyonthedayley shared her great IKEA RAST dresser hack! She attached two RAST dressers and incorporated a shaker detail on the front using PVC lattice trim to elevate the design. The prep work involved filling knots, caulking, and sanding with 220-grit paper. After priming with a shellac-based primer, she painted it using the Naval shade by Sherwin Williams.

13. IKEA Umbrella Stand Hack

@herzenstimme shared a clever DIY IKEA Hack: a dual-purpose umbrella stand with wheels that doubles as a side table.

Thanks to its rollers, you can easily move it to any spot for instant shade.

14. IKEA Hemnes Hack

@thewhitethistle shared an incredible IKEA HEMNES Hack! She transformed ordinary dressers into a stunning built-in unit with a sleek black finish. The custom trim and seamless look make this a standout piece.

15. IKEA Stall Floating Storage Hack

@collettes_home shared how she brilliantly transformed two IKEA Stall shoe cabinets into a chic, floating storage masterpiece. With the right mix of bendable plywood, screws, and a creative touch, this revamped furniture piece is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

16. IKEA Berakna Vase Hack

@room_maker_1987 shared a cool hack to freshen up your old glass vases; in this case, she used an IKEA Berakna glass vase. All she used were a few rubber bands and some spray paint to give a trendy touch.

17. IKEA DIY Wardrobe

@anni_interior_love combined IKEA’s PAX, NORDLI, and FARDAL to create a chic DIY wardrobe.

The wooden slats neatly hide the different depths, bringing functionality and style to the space.

18. IKEA Hall Bench Hack

@villa_thyringsborg showcased her impressive IKEA hall bench transformation. Using IKEA elements, she crafted a custom look on a budget. The build consists of:

– 3 IKEA METOD cabinets
– 3 IKEA MAXIMERA drawers
– 3 IKEA BODBYN drawer fronts

She added a baseboard and topped it with a pine benchtop, incorporating a clever hatch for concealed wood storage.

18. IKEA Bookshelf Hack

@3res shared a creative IKEA hack, converting kitchen components into a bespoke living room bookshelf. Using METOD frames and BODBYN doors, they achieved a beautiful custom look.

19. Pax, Kallax, and Ivar Hack

@houseproject_36 shared three impressive IKEA hacks in her home:

1. The PAX, enhanced with reeded moulding and painted in a color-matched F&B Cardroom green.

2. The KALLAX, built-in with castors and painted in Lamp Black from Little Greene Paint Company.

3. The IVAR, enclosed with plywood, features stylish arches and is painted in a color-matched F&B Inchyra blue.

20. IKEA Moppe Hack

@ideen_aus_holz creatively transformed the IKEA MOPPE into a children’s bookshelf.

Painted in hues of sage green and sandy beige, the revamped piece serves as a great addition to a child’s room.

21. IKEA Hallway Storage Hack

@3res shared her clever use of IKEA’s BODBYN kitchen and METOD tall cabinets to create welcoming hallway furniture.

The design is practical for storage and has a lovely color that ties the space together.

22. IKEA Loft Bed Hack shared their Ikea hack loft bed, a charming DIY project. Using Kallax shelves for the base and vibrant paints from @kolorat, they added extra supports and a pre-made staircase for practicality and style. This cleverly designed bed with ample storage turned out to be a delightful addition to their kids’ room.

23. IKEA Hacks For Kids’ Spaces

@lifeatolddenehouse shared her favorite IKEA hacks for kids’ spaces:

1. Sigfinn monitor stand turned into a toy car ramp.
2. Ostbit plate rack repurposed for storing books, puzzles, flexi roads, or finger puppets.
3. Snudda Lazy Susan, combined with plywood, transformed into a rotating bookcase.
4. Kvissle letter tray cleverly used for puzzle storage in Kallax units.
5. Utilizing Kallax inserts to double up toy storage space.
6. Combining Bekvam and Oddvar for a DIY learning tower.

These creative ideas add functionality and fun to children’s play areas.

24. Three IKEA Snudda Table Hacks

@our_home_style_ shared her top 3 table hacks using the IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan. Each brings a unique twist to this versatile piece.

25. IKEA Kallax Wine Bar Hack

@clearspacesorganizingco shared an IKEA Hack for turning your IKEA KALLAX cube system into a wine bar.

This setup works wonders if you have limited storage in your kitchen. Style your wine bar and place it in the dining or living room to buy back space in the kitchen.

Find all the steps shared by Ashley here.


In conclusion, our tour of the Top 25 IKEA Hacks of 2023 highlights the limitless creativity in repurposing IKEA products. Each featured hack is a testament to the ingenuity of DIY enthusiasts.

Whether these inspire your next project or simply offer admiration, we hope they spark creativity in your space. Keep transforming the simple into the special with IKEA, and we look forward to more innovative hacks in the future.

Happy hacking and Happy New Year!

Mike & Nicole

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