10 IKEA Dorm Room Hacks

Heading off to college is an exciting time, but dorm rooms are notoriously small and can be challenging to organize. However, with a little creativity and the right furniture, you can maximize your space and create a comfortable, functional living area. IKEA, renowned for its affordable and versatile products, offers a plethora of solutions to help you make the most of your dorm room. In this blog post, we’ll explore various IKEA hacks to transform your dorm room into a cozy and organized haven.


  • Consider using small tabletop/leg systems for additional storage space
  • Hanging storage boxes can be used instead of a side table
  • Coat racks can provide extra storage for towels, robes, coats, and bags
  • Get comfortable chairs for when friends come over
  • Use hanging storage boxes for clothes before washing them
  • Lofting or bunking beds to create more floor space
  • Use double curtain hardware from IKEA for cheap
  • Make use of vertical space with shelves, racks, and under-bed storage
  • Mirrors can make a room feel bigger and brighter
  • Incorporate live plants for a touch of greenery

1. Use Small Tabletop/Leg Systems for Additional Storage Space in your Dorm Room

IKEA offers a variety of small tabletop and leg systems that can be used to create additional storage space. For instance, the LACK side table or the LINNMON/ADILS table are compact, affordable, and versatile. They can be used as a nightstand, a desk, or even a dining table. The space underneath can be utilized for storage boxes or baskets, further maximizing your storage options.

2. Replace Side Tables with Hanging Storage Boxes

Traditional side tables can take up valuable floor space. Instead, consider using hanging storage boxes, such as the STUK hanging shoe organizer. These can be hung on the wall or behind the door, providing a place to store clothes, shoes, or other items, keeping your room tidy and clutter-free.

3. Utilize Coat Racks for Extra Storage

Coat racks, like the KUBBIS rack from IKEA, can be a game-changer in a dorm room. They provide extra storage for hanging towels, robes, coats, and bags. You can even hang storage baskets or bins from the hooks to store smaller items like keys, sunglasses, or stationery.

4. Invest in Comfortable Chairs for Guest Seating

Having friends over is a big part of the college experience. IKEA’s POÄNG armchair or the foldable NISSE chair are great options that offer comfort without taking up too much space. When not in use, the NISSE chair can be folded and stored away, freeing up floor space.

5. Use Hanging Storage Boxes for Pre-Laundry Clothes

Instead of leaving dirty clothes lying around, use hanging storage boxes for clothes before washing them. The SKUBB storage case can be hung in the closet, on a wall, or behind the door, keeping your room neat and organized.

6. Loft or Bunk Beds to Create More Floor Space

Lofting or bunking beds can create more floor space, allowing for additional furniture or storage options. IKEA’s STORÅ loft bed frame is a fantastic choice that provides ample space underneath for a study area, a seating area, or storage.

7. Opt for IKEA’s Double Curtain Hardware for Cost-Effectiveness

IKEA’s double curtain hardware, like the RÄCKA/HUGAD combination, is a cost-effective solution for hanging curtains. This allows you to hang two layers of curtains – a sheer layer for privacy during the day and a heavier layer for darkness and insulation at night.

8. Maximize Vertical Space with Shelves, Racks, and Under-Bed Storage

Vertical space is often underutilized in dorm rooms. IKEA’s KALLAX shelf unit or the ALGOT wall upright/shelves provide ample storage without taking up floor space. Under-bed storage, like the VARDÖ bed storage box, can be used to store out-of-season clothes, shoes, or bedding.

9. Use Mirrors to Create an Illusion of a Larger, Brighter Dorm Room

Mirrors can make a room feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light and creating an illusion of depth. IKEA’s NISSEDAL mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference, and its simple design fits well with any decor.

10. Add Live Plants for a Touch of Greenery in you Dorm Room

Adding live plants can bring a touch of nature into your dorm room, making it feel more like home. IKEA’s FEJKA artificial potted plant is a great, low-maintenance option. If you prefer real plants, IKEA also offers a variety of indoor plants and pots.

Remember to check the rules and regulations of your specific dorm before making any modifications or additions. With these IKEA hacks, you can transform your dorm room into a space that is not only functional but also a reflection of your personal style. Happy decorating!

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