IKEA Built-In Hack: Transform Your Billy Bookcases

This clever gal transformed her space using three Billy bookcases with doors to create a stunning built-in look. The cherry on top? She added beautiful arches and trim, giving it that oh-so-perfect custom touch we all adore. In case you missed it… check it out here on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that Elisa hit a home run with this project. Let’s briefly delve into the steps she followed to craft this awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Step 1: Assemble the Billy Bookcases

Let’s kick things off by following IKEA’s instructions and putting together the Billy Bookcases. Be sure to follow the manual closely to ensure a stable and secure foundation for your built-in masterpiece.

Step 2: Position Your Bookcases

Once assembled, carefully place the bookcases against the wall where you envision your built-in masterpiece to reside. Make sure they’re evenly spaced and lined up perfectly, as this will make the next steps a breeze.

Step 3: Secure the Bookcases Together

Now it’s time to create a cohesive unit by securing the bookcases to one another. Use screws or brackets to fasten the bookcases together, ensuring that they’re flush and level.

Step 4: Anchor the Cabinets

To guarantee your built-in is sturdy and safe, anchor each bookcase to a wall stud. Use the appropriate screws and brackets to secure them firmly, creating a rock-solid foundation for your custom creation.

💡 Pro Tip: Use good anchors. Our favorite for drywall are: Toggler 1/4-in Snaptoggle® Anchors

Step 5: Design and Cut the Arches

For a truly unique touch, let’s add arches to the top of our built-in. Sketch your desired arch shape on a piece of paper or use a template found online. Transfer the design to your chosen wood material and carefully cut out the arches using a jigsaw. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take your time and ensure those cuts are smooth and precise.

Step 6: Attach the Arches

With your stunning arches ready, attach 1×3 boards to the sides and top of your bookcases. Then, use a brad nailer to fasten the arches to these boards, making sure they’re secure and well-aligned.

Step 7: Crown Your Creation with Trims and Molding

Here’s where you can really let your personal style shine! Select trims and crown molding that suit your taste and complement the overall design of your built-in. Attach 1×4 boards to the top of your bookcases as a base, and then install your chosen crown molding. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your choices.

Step 8: Fill, Sand, and Caulk

Now, let’s give our built-in a professional finish. Fill any screw holes and gaps with wood filler, then sand the areas smoothly and flat. For a seamless appearance, lightly sand the entire unit and apply caulk to any remaining gaps or seams.

Step 9: Prime, Paint, and Protect

We’re almost there! To bring your built-in to life, apply a coat of primer, followed by your chosen paint color. For a durable and lasting finish, add a protective coat of polyurethane. Make sure to let each layer dry thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the product you’re using. A common pitfall in this stage is rushing the process, so remember to exercise patience and give each step the time it deserves for a flawless finish.

And there you have it—a stunning IKEA built-in hack using the Billy Bookcases. This IKEA Hack will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.