How to Recreate the West Elm Quinn Media Console for Less

High-end furniture pieces like the West Elm Quinn Media Console are coveted for their chic design and quality. However, their steep prices can be a deterrent for many. What if you could recreate this luxurious piece at a fraction of the cost? This DIY project combines affordable IKEA items with elegant Norse components, allowing you to bring a touch of luxury into your home without emptying your wallet.


Inspiration Piece – West Elm Quinn Media Console

The Quinn Media Console from West Elm stands out with its sleek design and spacious dimensions (80”w x 18”d x 24”h), making it a perfect centerpiece for any living room. Currently priced between $1,359.20 – $1,799, it’s a statement piece that exudes elegance. However, not everyone is ready to invest that much in a single piece of furniture.

The Affordable DIY Alternative

Our DIY approach offers an exciting opportunity to create a similar piece that captures the essence of the Quinn Media Console. By combining items from IKEA and Norse, you can recreate a comparable design, enjoy the process of personalizing your furniture, and save money.

Required Items from IKEA

Start with the foundation:

  • 2x Besta units (IKEA item: 602.458.44): These units serve as the base of your console.
  • 4x Soft-closing push-open hinges: These hinges will add a touch of luxury with their functionality. View Here
Credit: IKEA

Adding Norse Elegance

To elevate the look, incorporate these Norse items:

  • 2x Astrid double doors, small, white: These doors add a refined touch to the console. View Here

  • 4x Sara legs, brass: These brass legs give a luxe feel. View Here
  • 2x Ilse legs, brass: A perfect complement to the Sara legs. View Here
  • 4x Agnes pulls, brass: These pulls are the finishing touches that bring the piece together. View Here

The total cost for Norse items is $577 (including a 10% discount).

Total Cost Comparison

When you add the IKEA costs ($170) to the Norse components, the total DIY cost is approximately $747. That’s less than half the price of the West Elm original!

In conclusion, our passion for the stylish and high-quality West Elm Quinn Media Console cannot be overstated. Its sleek design and luxurious appearance make it a highly desirable piece for any home.

However, understanding the budget constraints that many face, we’ve presented a creative and cost-effective alternative. By blending affordable IKEA basics with the elegance of Norse additions, this DIY project not only allows you to recreate a semblance of the West Elm classic but also adds a personal touch to your decor.

This project is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice style for affordability, and we hope it inspires you to bring your own creative visions to life.

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