How to Hang IKEA Ribba Frame

IKEA Ribba frames are a staple in modern interior design, blending effortlessly with various decors. Yet, once they’re in your possession, there’s a task at hand: how can you flawlessly display them?

Goals for this IKEA Ribba Frame Guide

  1. Determine the frame’s ideal position.
  2. Assemble your toolkit.
  3. Understand the detailed preparation process.
  4. Learn to achieve the perfect layout.
  5. Master the art of hanging.

Choosing the Ideal Location

Wall Texture and Type

  • Understand your wall: drywall, plaster, or brick. This aids in selecting the right tools.
  • Drywall: Requires wall anchors.
  • Plaster/Brick: Might necessitate specific hooks.

Environmental Factors

  • Sunlight: Minimize direct exposure to prevent fading.
  • Humidity: Ideally, keep frames away from moisture-rich areas.

Assembling Your Toolkit

  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Wall anchors (for drywall)
  • Screws or specialized picture hooks
  • Painter’s tape
  • Large sheets of paper (like wrapping paper or newspaper)
  • Scissors

Detailed Preparation with Pen and Paper

  1. Gathering Materials: Start with a pen (or pencil), a ruler or measuring tape, and a sufficiently large piece of paper.
  2. Sketching the Frame: Lay your frame on paper, tracing its outline.
  3. Cutting Out Templates: After tracing, cut out the shapes to produce paper templates.
  4. Locating the Hook/String: Examine the back of your frame to find the hook or string.
  5. Measuring the Distance: Measure from the frame’s top edge to the hook or string.
  6. Transferring the Measurement: Use this measurement on your template, marking the exact hanging spot.

Note: The IKEA Ribba 13080 features a hook and wire bracket system, offering a straightforward setup.

IKEA Ribba 13080 Instructions

Perfecting the Layout

  1. Preliminary Floor Layout: Begin by laying your templates on the floor, allowing for easy rearrangements.
  2. Transferring to the Wall: Transfer the desired layout from floor to wall using painter’s tape.
  3. Adjusting on the Wall: Reassess the layout once on the wall and adjust as needed.
  4. Marking and Mounting: With the right positioning, mount hooks or nails using the marks on the templates as guides.
  5. Removing Templates and Hanging: After mounting, gently remove templates and hang your frames.

Enhancing the Ribba Experience

Experiment with Frame Sizes

  • Explore Ribba’s diverse sizes for a dynamic display.
  • Example: Pair two 12×16 inch frames with a central 20×28 inch frame for a focal point.

Ensure Consistent Spacing

  • For a gallery wall effect, maintain uniform spaces, like consistent 5-inch gaps between frames.

Prioritize Safety

  • Especially on drywall, always utilize wall anchors for stability.

Concluding Thoughts

Hanging the IKEA Ribba frame isn’t just about putting it on a wall. It’s an art that combines the right tools, meticulous preparation, and a sense of design. Here’s to impeccable interiors with Ribba!

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