Festive DIY Project: Upcycling an IKEA TENHULT Stool into Reindeer Antlers

This year, @project_34_selfbuild gave the IKEA TENHULT stool a festive makeover, transforming it into charming reindeer antlers. This creative upcycling project adds a whimsical and festive touch to your holiday decor.

Materials Required

For this festive DIY project, you’ll need:

  • An IKEA TENHULT stool
  • Leftover wood for the antlers
  • Wood filler
  • No More Nails (a type of strong adhesive)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (preferably brown for a natural reindeer look)

Now, let’s look at the steps to create your own festive reindeer stool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Reindeer Stool

STEP 1: Prepare the Stool

Begin by filling any holes in the stool with wood filler. This step ensures a smooth and uniform surface.

STEP 2: Adjust the Stool

Cut the ends of the back off to fill the large holes left from moving. This adjustment is key to creating the reindeer antler shape.

STEP 3: Secure the Stool

Use No More Nails to secure the stool into place before sanding it smooth. This step guarantees a sturdy and smooth stool, ready for the transformation.

STEP 4: Create the Antler Shape

Attach the leftover wood to the stool in the shape of reindeer antlers. This step is where your creativity shines—feel free to design the antlers as simple or as intricate as you like.

STEP 5: Paint the Stool

Paint the entire stool once the antlers are securely attached. Brown paint is recommended for a natural reindeer look, but feel free to select a color that suits your holiday decor.


And there you have it—a delightful reindeer stool that adds a magical touch to your holiday decor. This project demonstrates how simple it can be to transform everyday items into festive treasures. Remember, the best part of any DIY project is making it your own, so feel free to adjust this guide to suit your preferences. Happy crafting and happy holidays!