DIY Wall Cabinet Transformation: Repurposing the IKEA Pax

One such impressive transformation is by @bijrebecca, who used the IKEA Pax to create a stunning wall cabinet. The meticulous details and ingenuity demonstrated in this project are sure to inspire your next home DIY.

Materials Required

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY transformation:

  • IKEA Pax
  • A sturdy saw
  • Gypsum boards
  • Hinges
  • Paint (preferably white)
  • High skirting board
  • Wall panel from
  • Electrical supplies for lighting, dimmer, and sockets

With the materials ready, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Wall Cabinet

STEP 1: Please note:

This guide has been translated from Dutch and adjusted for clarity.

STEP 2: Create a Base:

Start by building a sturdy base for your cabinets. This will ensure they are level and stable.

STEP 3: Begin with the Tallest Cabinet:

Place the tallest cabinet first, and construct a skeleton for the gypsum boards above it, reaching up to the ceiling.

STEP 4: Gradually add the Other Cabinets:

Cut the remaining cabinets to the required size and add them gradually, decreasing in height. The wood of an IKEA cabinet is delicate, so ensure you’re using a good-quality saw.

STEP 5: Attach a Strip:

Attach a strip along all the cabinets. This will be useful during the finishing process, particularly around the doors.

STEP 6: Prepare and Attach the Doors:

Cut the doors to the required size, and attach the hinges in the correct places. Given the fragility of the doors, using a new saw is advisable.

STEP 7: Cover the Skeleton with Gypsum Boards:

Once the cabinet structure is ready, close the skeleton using gypsum boards.

STEP 8: Finishing Touches:

Stucco the skeleton, then paint it the same color as the cabinets. Install a high skirting board underneath the cabinets for a neat finish.

STEP 9: Install the Wall Panel:

Between the cabinets, install a beautiful wall panel from Attach slats to the wall with electrical wiring behind them to do this. This allows for the installation of lighting, a dimmer, and sockets.


Voila! You’ve transformed the IKEA Pax into a unique and stylish wall cabinet. This DIY project boosts your storage options and adds a bespoke touch to your decor. Remember, the beauty of IKEA hacks lies in their versatility – feel free to adapt this guide to your own tastes and space. Happy crafting!

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