Adding Trim to Cabinet Doors: A Simple Way to Customize Your Look

@linedupont shows us a simple but effective way to elevate your cabinet doors – by adding trim. This easy DIY project can transform your cabinets and give your space a more customized look.

Materials Needed

  • Cabinet doors
  • Trim
  • Mounting glue
  • Acrylic grout (paintable)
  • Primer
  • Interior paint
  • Sandpaper (grain 120)

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prep the Doors

Before you start, you need to prepare the doors. Grind the doors until they have a rough or matte finish. This will help the glue and paint adhere better.

Step 2: Cut the Trim

Next, cut your trim pieces. Make sure to cut them at an angle (miter cut) to fit together nicely at the corners of your doors.

Step 3: Mount the Trim

Use mounting glue to attach the trim pieces to the doors. Make sure they are aligned properly before the glue sets.

Step 4: Apply Acrylic Grout

Apply acrylic grout to all edges. This is a type of filler that can be painted over, giving you a smooth finish.

Step 5: Apply Primer

To ensure the final paint layer adheres well, apply a primer to the doors. This also helps to prevent the original color or wood grain from showing through the final paint layer.

Step 6: Sand Between Layers

Lightly sand the doors with grain 120 sandpaper between all layers of paint. This helps to smooth out any imperfections and ensures a sleek finish.

Step 7: Paint the Doors

Finally, paint your doors with 2-3 layers of good quality interior paint. Allow each layer to dry fully before adding the next.


This simple DIY project can give your cabinet doors a new lease of life and add character to your space. A big thank you to @linedupont for sharing this great idea. Happy DIY-ing!

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